Maintenance Team Member

Like many people Robyn wasn’t sure which path to take after she finished her A-levels.

“I wasn’t a hundred percent sure about which career I wanted, so decided against university – I didn’t want to take on student loans for a degree I wasn’t passionate about.”

In the end, Robyn allowed herself to be guided by the things she enjoyed at school.

“In the end I chose to do an engineering apprenticeship, based on the fact that I really enjoyed hands-on learning and did well in the logical subjects at school.”

Robyn joined Toyota on a 4-year Maintenance Engineering apprenticeship. When she finished, she didn’t only have two NVQ’s in Maintenance Engineering, but she also had a job as a fully-fledged Maintenance Team Member. In the role, she had to use her analytical, logical and problem-solving skills to maintain and upgrade the machines that build the vehicles, and she loved the variety of what she was doing.

“I got to do the full spectrum of work across all the machines: electrical and mechanical jobs, wiring, fabrication, programming, hardware changes – even making parts in the workshop. I’ve had so many opportunities because of doing the apprenticeship”.

After completing her apprenticeship, Robyn continued to learn and develop her skills. In 2015, Robyn represented the UK at the WorldSkills International competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, winning a medal for excellence.

Now, she is a Trainee Quality Assurance Engineer at Toyota and studying part-time for a degree in Manufacturing Engineering.

Her advice to others who are unsure as to what they want to do? “Do your research. Apprenticeships might not be for everyone, but for me it was a great springboard into the engineering industry, allowing me to gain job experience while developing a really high level of skill.”

Robyn's career pathway

  • 2011 Left school with three A-level and began a 4-year apprenticeship in General Engineering at Toyota’s Burnaston plant Training Centre. She also completed an NVQ Level 3 in Maintenance Engineering
  • 2013 Joined the Deeside Engineering plant to complete the third year of her apprenticeship with a focus on shop floor practices under mentorship
  • 2014 Completed a HNC in General Engineering Technology
  • 2015 Completed her technical apprenticeship and became a Maintenance Team Member at Toyota. She also competed in Mechatronics, Engineering at Worldskills International, Sao Paulo, Brazil winning a medallion of excellence
  • 2016 Began a new role as a Trainee Quality Assurance Engineer at Toyota
  • 2017 Began a degree apprenticeship in Manufacturing Engineering alongside her quality assurance role in Toyota’s Engineering department

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What it takes to be a Maintenance Team Member

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £39,520
Average salary for a job in the UK* £26,260

Employment statuses

  • Full Time Employed: 87,021
  • Part Time Employed: 4,721
  • Self Employed: 5,323
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 97,065

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