Khadeejah Yasin

Dental Technician

Khadeejah’s job title is Dental Technician at Ceramic Studios

What I do

I make everything from crowns to bridges and little inlays for people’s teeth.

How I became a technician

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A typical day in my
working life

The advice I would give to a younger person

The advice I would give to a younger person is, you will find your way. I took a gap year when I left sixth form because I wanted to study English and become an English teacher, but at the last minute I withdrew my university application because I was done with studying full-time. It was the best decision I ever made. I started thinking about what I really wanted to do, and my dad encouraged me to look online and see what was around. I then tried an apprenticeship in dental nursing to see how it would be. I stayed for one week, and I quit because I didn’t like it. Then I saw dental technology and realised that I would love this. I went to a lab and fell in love with the work.

A little more about
my everyday role

What I love most about my job

You never get two cases that are the same and that means every day is different. For instance, one day you might get a case with multiple crowns and the next, a tiny little inlay. There is a wide variety.

The most exciting thing I’ve achieved so far in my job

The most exciting thing for me is seeing the progress I have made in a relatively short span of time. When I first started, I was watching others working and thought it would take me ten years to learn, but I have done it in two years. The course I did was three years, but the first year was CAM, so I feel I really only started working on what I want to do in my career halfway through the second year.

The next steps in my career journey

I love what I do right now, but my ultimate goal is to own or run my own lab. I am a very organised person and like things a certain way. I love planning and I’m very particular. If I can channel all that into running a lab, I will have a great one.

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