Technicians make the difference

Support your child to explore if a technician role is right for them

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Problem solving

A crucial role that's open to everyone...

Technicians have exciting roles in a range of important industries

Their jobs are skilled, interesting, and have lots of opportunities for progression. While some technicians work in a lab, most don’t. We want to raise awareness of the work they do – so more young people consider a technician role as a meaningful career in their favourite sector.

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How is the campaign supporting parents?

We know that understanding the career options available to your child isn't easy

Especially in the fast-moving modern economy, it can be hard to keep track. So we have included resources and guidance to help you have conversations about careers with your child, to support their interests, and explore the different routes available to them.

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Navigating the website

This website is made up of some key sections which you and your child can use to discuss and understand technician careers

  • Technician roles – a collection of 100 roles that reflect the diverse work technicians do across the country
  • Technicians’ stories – a series of interviews with real technicians about their life and work
  • Role finder – a tool that helps you and your child get thinking about which roles might suit their unique skills and interests
  • UNBLOCK – a game designed with technicians to help your child think about whether they enjoy problem solving
  • Next steps – an overview of the different qualifications and routes that could lead your child into a technician role