Bethany Haynes

Bethany Haynes

Engineering Manufacturing Technician

Bethany's job title is Engineering Technician at WMG University of Warwick

Bethany standing in front of a design machine talking to a group of people

What I do

My role covers a variety of different tasks and areas. I’m in a team that works with companies that want to use sustainable manufacturing processes. These companies will have a product, for example, shredded bike tyres, and will want to identify how this product can be repurposed. We will run several tests to determine how its properties have changed. How it performs in these tests plays a big factor in deciding how to use the material in the future.

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How I became a technician

A little more about
my everyday role

The best bits about working in a team

When you are around people you get on with and have a laugh with, it keeps you going. I've learnt more in the last four years than in previous jobs as I'm surrounded by people with skills they are willing to share.

The most exciting thing I've achieved so far in my job

Recently, I was part of a team that made an interactive piece of equipment for an exhibition at the Coventry Transport Museum. I was responsible for making the stand, identifying how it fits together, and deciding that we would make it out of recycled materials. I was so proud of my work - I went to see the exhibit many times!

The next steps in my career journey

I’m so happy being a technician. I don’t want to work my way up the ladder as I’m happy with a practical job.

Bethany in a mask standing in front of a display case
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