It's your time to make the difference

Skilled technicians working across almost all sectors are vital to the success of the economy. You might not always see them, but you definitely see the difference they make.

Experts say the UK will need a lot more technicians in the future. So if you're thinking about changing careers or want to see where else your skills could take you, why not consider a role as a technician? 

Man in lab coat and goggles pulling role of wire in lab
Problem solving

Bring your existing skills and experiences to a new challenge

The 'We make the difference' campaign raises awareness of the importance of technicians

We hope it will encourage more people looking to change careers to consider a technician role.

You can benefit from the interesting, important work technicians do. The economy can benefit from all your existing skills and experience.

Skilled at problem solving?

If so, you have one of the skills you need to be a great technician. Having a range of diverse perspectives and experiences is critical to help solve problems in the workplace - as someone looking to change career, your voice could be vital

Man looking into a microscope

Does this sound like you?

Find out what routes you could take to get started as a technician