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Fish fossil

Archaeological Technician

Getting involved with archaeological investigations


Radiography Technician

Working with high-tech diagnostic equipment to provide the X-rays doctors and patients rely on

3D printer creating model

Composites Technician

Combine different materials to form lighter, stronger alternatives to metal across many sectors from aerospace to rail and renewables

Fishing net against a sunset

Aquaculture Technician

Feeding and monitoring the health of fish and their surroundings

Trowel with soil and plant leaves

Horticultural Technician

Nurturing species of fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers to optimise their yield so they grow at their best

Gloved hand pulling a pipette out of a glass bottle

Healthcare Laboratory Technician

Carrying out research in the lab to help diagnose and treat diseases

Dials on marine machine

Marine Engineering Technician

Attending to boats, from yachts to cargo ships, to keep them seaworthy and safe

Prescription bag

Pharmacy Technician

Mixing and checking life saving medicine before it's administered to patients


Countryside Ranger

Working to protect and preserve the natural world, from woodlands to beaches

ROV underwater

ROV Pilot Technician

Operate and maintain remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to complete underwater tasks, from laying cables to inspecting shipwrecks

Space helmet

Space Engineering Technician

Developing, manufacturing, assembling and testing equipment to support the UK's growing space sector

Picture of woman in editing software

Special Effects Technician

Adding the special effects to films, from dragons to snow, that create immersive experiences for audiences

Rolls of fabric

Textile Technician

Getting fashion, work wear and upholstery styles to perform at their best by understanding different fabrics and their properties

Two wind turbines in fields

Wind Turbine Technician

Maintaining, testing and repairing wind turbines on land and at sea to provide clean, renewable energy

Solar panels

Solar Energy Technician

Installing and maintaining solar panels on top of buildings and in solar power farms across the country

Yellow crane

Civil Engineering Technician

Working with civil engineers to plan, design and build engineering projects like bridges, roads and tunnels

Glass cases holding artefacts in a museum

Museum and Galleries Technician

Making and maintaining interactive exhibits and keeping unique museum objects accessible for everyone to see.


Sound Technician

Creating the sounds, effects and acoustics that give films and TV shows the right atmosphere for each story

A gloved hand dipping a test tube into water

Environmental Technician

Combating the impact of pollution and keeping our surroundings clean

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