Esther Ogunmefun

Esther Ogunmefun

Software Developer

Esther's job title is Software Engineer at Compare the Market

What I do

I work on the mobile team, which is split into iOS and Android developers. We work in two-week blocks on different tickets – solving bugs, making a new section on the app or updating existing content or tools.

Esther at her desk working as a Software Developer

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How I became a technician

A typical day in my working life

What I'm most proud of

I won the Top 20 Women in Software Power List Award 2021 – that was definitely the highlight! Someone I work with nominated me for the award, but I missed the email as it went to ‘junk’. So, when I received the email telling me I had won, it was a big shock, and for a while, I didn’t know what I had won! We went to the Financial Times for the Awards Ceremony, where I was presented with a certificate – it was a lovely occasion.

What I love most about my job

As I enjoy coding, I love the satisfaction at the end when you see an app you have worked on working or a piece of work actually in production. There are people across the UK using pages I have created on the Compare the Market app by myself, and that’s really fulfilling to know.

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