Josh Ross

Josh Ross


Josh's job title is Marine Electrical Technician at Berthon Boat Company

What I do

Rather than being a housing electrician, I’m a boat electrician. They are different systems – and you also have to take into account that boats are on water. Insulation is vital, especially on metal boats. I do the engine wiring as well as all the different systems from the lighting, right down to the toilet flushing. My job is different every day – there is an enormous variety.

How I became a technician

A typical day in my
working life

My job is different every day and there is an enormous variety. I will have work set out ready for me when I come in in the morning, so I will get my tools ready and get onto my boat and start with that work. If I’m working on a big project, I will stay working on that throughout the day, but if I’m working in the marina it will depend on what jobs come in and which ones my manager will allocate to me.

A little more about
my everyday role

What I love most about my job

I love the variety of my job; I can be on different boats every day of the week. We have massive projects, which might involve me working on a huge boat and upgrading it. There are lots of different boats in our marina and I can get called out to look at any of them. I have worked on everything from small RIBs up to 90ft motorboats. I am working on an exploration yacht at the moment, which is quite cool.

The best bits about working in a team

We are always willing to help each other out and we all get on and have a laugh together. It’s good fun. If you are unsure about something, there is always someone to ask for help.

The most exciting thing I’ve achieved so far in my job

As part of my apprenticeship, I did a British Martine Electrical Technician (BMET) course and did very well - I received an award.

The next steps in my career journey

I would love to work on a super yacht as they have lots of ship-grade systems and it seems like a nice environment to be in. I’d also like to stay local, and I have good opportunities here to work my way up.

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