Ashleigh Quelch

Ashleigh Quelch

Automation Engineering Technician

Ashleigh's job title is Senior Team Member, Maintenance at Toyota

What I do

I work in the health and safety team and currently look after the press, body and quality assurance shops, so if a team member working in those divisions has any health or safety concerns, they come and ask for support. My role also involves looking after the fire systems, including the alarms, the pumps, the hydrants and the sprinklers.

How I became a technician

I did A-levels in Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, and I had initially thought I wanted to go to university. However, while I was volunteering at a local Victorian pumping station, one of the other volunteers, who knew I enjoyed making things with Lego and Meccano in my spare time, recommended I applied for an apprenticeship. I did all the interviews with Toyota and got in! When the contract came through, I decided to cancel my application to university.

A bit more about my

During the first year of my apprenticeship, we concentrated on gaining practical skills, including using hand tools. We also spent 14 weeks on the production line learning how we would maintain and repair the equipment. The second year focused on electrical theory and mechanics. As well as using tools such as lathes, millers and welding and fabrication. In the second year, we volunteered at the local YMCA – building planters in the garden, rebuilding their fences and decorating the communal room. We were giving back to the community but also applying our practical and interpersonal skills.

A little more about
my everyday role

What I love most about my job

I love helping people and solving problems. It can often be challenging, but it is great when I've found a solution.

The next steps in my career journey

I have just started a National Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety. I'm doing this through MakeUK and doing it over two years so that it can fit around my work and home life.

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