What is a technician?

While some technicians work in a lab, most of us don't. We're making a difference across society, doing exciting and interesting jobs in almost all industries

Industrial printer printing pages
Faders on a soundboard
Problem solving

We use our unique mix of skills...

It's this balance of scientific, engineering or technological knowledge with skills like attention to detail and critical thinking that makes technicians special

Propulsion Technician at work

...to solve problems and create things

That can be almost anything - from making a life-saving vaccine to working behind the scenes at a music festival

Watch the video below to find out more about technicians...

Problem solving

What skills do
we have?

Are you practical? Do you find it easy to spot the small details? Discover the set of skills that all technicians share, wherever they work

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Two workers in lab coats descending stairs in factory

We’ve picked 100 roles to help you learn about some of the exciting technician jobs out there

And with thousands of other interesting technician roles across almost every kind of industry – there’s a good chance that there’ll be one out there that you’d enjoy.