Feven Zeray

Feven Zeray

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Feven's job title is Aircraft Maintenance Technician at British Airways

What I do

I work on aircraft, diagnosing electrical problems, carrying out repairs, and replacing defective parts.  

British Airways plane

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How I became a technician

A typical day in my
working life

I start each day by signing in and then go to the office to find out what is happening and whose team I am going to be on that day. I’m really lucky because at Gatwick airport the shift managers, planners, and engineers are all very supportive and they let me choose what I want to be involved in.

Normally, we work on long haul flights as soon as they land. We check the oil levels, tyre pressures and things like that. We walk around and look at the condition of the skin of the aircraft. We also check the communication side of things to make sure the aircraft has connectivity, as well as checking messages from the aircraft to see if anything needs attention.

After a quick break, we start to do the functional and system checks before the aircraft flies again. It’s very hands-on; we might be changing a control box or component for example. Whatever it is, health and safety is the priority for the airline.

We have a logbook that we have to send to the Civil Aviation Authority about the tasks we’ve completed as part of our training to become a qualified engineer. So, the last thing I do every day is fill this out – it means that I’m one step closer to my goal!

A surprising fact about me

In my spare time I love learning languages, so I am learning Korean at the moment!

A little more about
my everyday role

What I love most about my job

Engineering runs in my family, so I was always encouraged to get involved in anything being fixed at home and I was hands-on from a young age. I love engineering and physics and the idea of a heavy object flying is the most amazing physics in action, so I knew that’s what I wanted to be involved in!

The best bits about working in a team

I work mostly in a team; we could be a team of three changing a harness or doing a wiring check. I love working like this because although you have a team goal, you have your own role within the team to support that goal.

My favourite piece of equipment

I love my multimeter. It is a troubleshooting device and it’s invaluable when trying to find a current or resistance. But you can’t beat a screwdriver because every aircraft panel has screws in it!

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