Holly Woodward

Cyber Security Technician

Holly's job title is Security Tower Lead at Kyndryl

What I do

I am a security tower lead for one of our major clients which means that I run a team that works on compliance and audits, as well as a team that works on vulnerabilities – preventing things like hackings and cyber-attacks.

Holly working at her desk

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How I became a technician

A typical day in my
working life

I like to start my morning by looking at what vulnerabilities are out there and where we might be at risk. I then work with global teams and look at the projects they are doing or any ongoing issues we might have.

In the afternoon I try to meet with clients and work on the reporting elements. I do a lot of reporting to our clients - presentation decks for example - to bring in areas of improvement and referring to experts so that they can gain knowledge on where they can improve their security and resilience.

I am on-call quite often. The main focus is eight until six. In the evenings, I like to try to clear my emails and prepare for the next day. You want to stay on top of things because you never know what is coming the next day.

What I love most about my job

It is a really interesting role and no day is predictable. I have had a few cyber-attacks to deal with. It is a brilliant example of bringing technology and people together as you all work so hard to combat the attack as a team. You bring in expertise from around the world and it really boosts morale.

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