Colin Kuberka

Colin Kuberka

Simulation Technician

Colin’s job title is Clinical Simulation Technician at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

What I do

I use very expensive mannequins to create real-life scenarios for doctors and nurses to train with.  I also give these mannequins major trauma effects make-up to make it more realistic.  

Medical dummy with tubes in its mouth

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How I became a technician

A typical day in my
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A surprising fact about my job

One of the mannequins we use is called SIM Man – it sweats, breathes, bleeds, blinks, and I can even talk through it! When the student doctors come in, we give them an orientation in the SIM suite. Sometimes the students get a bit freaked out, as on occasion I’ll put a silicon mask on it and that makes it look even more realistic. I also do trauma make up like burns and cuts to illustrate what people will see in real life. We have a simulation suite based in the Education Department, but we also go around all the wards in the Trust and run simulations for their specific specialities.

A little more about
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The most exciting thing I’ve achieved so far in my job

It's crucial that people get training that is as realistic as possible, and my role can evolve in response to a specific need. With the first wave of COVID-19 the guidelines changed on a daily basis. So, we helped train medical staff as to what they should do. For example, we went to an acute medical unit and showed them what to do if a COVID-19 patient went into cardiac arrest. They had to put full on PPE before they could deal with the patient which meant they had to leave the room.

On the Monday it took about 15 minutes for the doctor to do this before they could begin treating the patient and give them oxygen. Throughout the week, we trained, practised, and streamlined our protocols and by the Friday we got it down to two minutes!

The next steps in my career journey

I would love to have my own technician team.

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