Charlie Finniear

Charlie Finniear

Smart Home Technician

Charlie's job title is Lighting Control Specialist at proAV

What I do

I design and test lighting control systems in buildings. We use technology that automatically adjusts depending on the time of day, meaning that the systems are more energy efficient. I work on the building programme files, which will be put on the lighting control systems in apartments we work in. This involves looking at the layout plan drawings and wiring schedules – I use this information to build the whole system.

When I’m on-site, I will be commissioning the systems and uploading the programmes I have made at home. Usually when you test for the first time, it doesn’t work, so you go round to find out what’s wrong and locate any faults.

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How I became a technician

Laptop and 2 computer screens showing spreadsheet and building plans

A little more about
my everyday role

The most exciting thing I’ve achieved so far in my job

It’s difficult to say, really. I enjoy working on huge projects where you get to walk around and see private cinema rooms and things like that. I enjoy designing projects. The £200m apartment I worked on was exciting as I got to see it through to the end, and I enjoyed the process of getting it just right for the client.

The next steps in my career journey

At the moment, a lot of London properties are starting to use this smart home lighting technology and it will be standard in the coming years. We will see light switches as archaic. As the only Lighting Control Specialist at proAV, there is a lot of career potential for me, so I am going to sit tight and watch this grow.

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