Leia Sunter

Leia Sunter

Engineering Manufacturing Technician

Leia's job title is Apprentice Engineering Technician at Hydram Engineering

What I do

I make parts that end up on trains, buses, diggers, magazine racks, terminals by the sides of railways, tables, and even Christmas decorations. The list is endless!

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How I became a technician

A typical day in my
working life

The advice I'd give to
someone younger

When I was younger, I had already decided that university wasn’t an option for me. I didn’t think I could concentrate enough to do self-study and I’ve always liked the idea of being more hands-on and practical. With an apprenticeship, you also have a job, so you are earning, instead of getting a student loan. I’d probably tell my younger self to trust myself to make the right decision. It’s always scary at 16, when you finish school and you’re like “what on earth do I do now?”

A little more about
my everyday role

The equipment I use

The apprenticeship is a real mix, because we learn how to use CAD, CNC (a metal fabrication method where computer code controls the machinery) and programming, but we also go back to basics, using hand tools, filing, and making things with our hands. The equipment we use really varies.

The next steps in my career journey

I might consider moving on to an HNC or a degree. It really depends on what options are open to me, and I won’t necessarily know that until I finish my apprenticeship.

My hobbies

I have a horse, and I ride as a volunteer at a tourist attraction called Kynren in Bishop Auckland, which is like a massive outdoor theatre re-enactment, which is pretty fun. Kynren is all about the telling of English history through time.

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