Technicians make the difference

We know the importance of skilled technicians and their contribution to the success of companies and the wider economy

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About the campaign

Our campaign aims to raise awareness of the vital role technicians play and inspire young people with stories of real world technicians

Hearing from real employers makes a big difference in helping young people realise their career aspirations.

The ‘We make the difference’ campaign gives young people up to date information about technician roles in your sector and helps them understand the qualifications and pathways they can take to join you.

Get involved

We believe closing the skills gap and tackling the technician shortage is everyone's business

If you share our mission and values, we want to hear from you.

We’re always looking for more employers who can highlight the importance of technicians in their sector and the work they do.

Adding your voice to the campaign can make a big difference to young people. It can also help raise the profile of your sector while attracting more skilled candidates to vital technician roles right across the economy.

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