Ambar Hughes

Countryside Ranger

Ambar's job title is Countryside Ranger Apprentice at North York Moors National Park

What I do

I am training to be a Ranger. So, I’m gaining the skills needed to maintain footpaths and bridlepaths to ensure they are usable by the public. I also look after countryside furniture, like gates and styles. 

Ambar in digger

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How I became a technician

When I was in sixth form, I looked at university as it was all that was talked about at school. I knew I wanted to do something practical, and I thought about being a Marine Biologist, but I’m glad I chose to do an apprenticeship instead. I completed my Level 2 apprenticeship in two years and then applied internally for my current Level 4 apprenticeship. If you have things you enjoy in school, you can carry those things through to an apprenticeship.

A typical day in my
working life

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What I love most about my job

I love that I live where I work – I am doing a good job that allows people to enjoy and access the countryside we live in. I also get some amazing views when I am working!

The best bits about working in a team

I work in a team of three. We have a Senior Ranger, a Maintenance Ranger and then me as the apprentice. As an apprentice and someone who is learning, working with the Maintenance Ranger is amazing. He knows everything about the park, and to shadow him is incredible – I learn new things every day. Many apprentices work at North Moors National Park, so we have an apprentice forum where we can meet and check in with each other.

The most exciting thing I’ve achieved so far in my job

Completing my Level 2 apprenticeship! I've also completed some bridge work, which I found rewarding – I worked with another apprentice and fitted a brand new bridge.

The next steps in my career journey

There are different Ranger jobs I could go into, but I would prefer to go more down the conservation route with the RSPB or National Trust.

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