Jade Kimpton

Jade Kimpton

Power Networks Technician

Jade’s job title is Apprentice Substation Engineer at National Grid

What I do

I work at a substation that helps the flow of renewable electricity. It connects generators – such as the renewable generation, like wind farms and solar farms, and also the non-renewable generation, like power stations. The substations act as the middleman. We take the electricity from our various power generators and pass it on to the distribution networks, which operate at smaller voltages, and they then transmit it to people’s homes. My work involves maintaining substation equipment and upgrading it. This is to ensure we are able to make new renewable connections and that the system is able to handle the vast amount of renewable energy that is coming on to it.

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How I became a technician

A typical day in my
working life

A little more about
my everyday role

What I love most about my job

For me, looking at the big picture and knowing that the work we do on site is helping the transition to renewable energy is fantastic. We may not always realise it on a day-to-day basis, but the work we do is really important.

The best bits about working in a team

I work in a team of about twenty people, and we cover the whole of North Anglia. Usually, when we are working on jobs, there will be a couple of us. We work inside and outside. Currently, I’m the only apprentice in my team and we have a real mix of engineers. Some have been here for forty years and others only a few years. We have recently taken on some new members of staff, so there is a real mix of experience and there is a great exchange of information. Everyone’s opinion is valid, and everyone can learn from each other, so it is a good dynamic.

The next steps in my career journey

At the moment I am training to become an Engineer, but eventually I want to become a Commissioning Engineer, which is what my dad does. That role involves commissioning and bringing in new equipment and testing it.

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