1st Line Support Technician

Getting started on the right career path isn’t always straightforward – Rebecca is just one of many of us who took an unpredictable route to a dream job. As a 1st Line Support IT Technician, she is constantly thinking on her feet, and coming up with solutions to all sorts of problems that come her way from customers and colleagues alike. 

She started off doing a degree in Fashion Marketing, but relevant jobs were hard to come by and after spending a little time in retail after university, she realised that the fashion business just wasn’t her style. A resource planning role came up in Maintel and Rebecca realised that she had many of the skills they were after; organised, precise, and with an eye for detail. Seeing her potential, she was soon offered a job there.  

Her ability to pick-up a range of IT skills didn’t go unnoticed during her time as a Resource Planner. The Network Manager at Maintel encouraged her to apply for an IT Support role with the promise of any additional support and training she would need to ensure she’d shine in the role. 

She gets a lot of satisfaction from having responsibility for crucial circuits and getting systems back up again after they’ve gone down. She’s also very impressed with the technology that she gets to use day-to-day. “Some of the new systems can even fix faults before the customers know anything has gone wrong!” 

Rebecca’s clients include large retail outlets such as JD Sports and Matalan, and she thinks her experience of the fashion and retail sector gives her a real advantage in offering great customer service. “We have quite a range of customers and I like how we get to experience different things every day.”

Rebecca's career pathway

  • 2007 Completed her A-levels and left school
  • 2010 Completed a degree in International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • 2011 Worked in retail at Debenhams
  • 2011 Offered a resource planning role with Maintel
  • 2016 Promoted to First Line Support Technician at Maintel

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What it takes to be a 1st Line Support Technician

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £35,360
Average salary for a job in the UK* £26,260

Employment statuses

  • Full Time Employed: 94,849
  • Part Time Employed: 10,036
  • Self Employed: 4,695
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 109,580

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*according to ONS

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