Agricultural Technician

Mark transformed his passion for fixing machinery as a child on his parents’ farm into a career as an Agricultural Service Technician. Now he’s one of the many technicians who make sure farmers have the technology and machinery they need to complete harvests, so food can make its way from the field to our tables.

Mark didn’t always know what he wanted to do. When he was at school, he found himself drawn to practical subjects, particularly woodwork and electronic studies. Meanwhile, at home on the farm, he found himself fixing, taking apart and putting together any mechanical items he came across – from electrical saws to tractors!

He ended up going to a careers advice service to ask for help in finding an agricultural apprenticeship, which led him to Turney Agriculture:  “I decided that this was the job for me as I wanted to gain skills for a career that would help on the farm at home.”

On a day-to-day basis, Mark meets with farmers and contractors and applies his problem-solving and practical skills to identify and resolve any issues they have with their machinery.

Having specialist knowledge in transmissions and engines means Mark is always in demand. He finds himself working in all conditions, whether in the rain, or sun, in the workshop, out in the field or on the road.

 “When I started my apprenticeship, I wasn’t expecting to be traveling out in the field so much – I thought the work would be all workshop-based – but I definitely enjoy the variety!”

Mark has since completed his apprenticeship and now has a full-time role as an Agricultural Service Technician. “This job is unlike anything I had experienced because of the sheer size of the machinery. The biggest machine I have ever worked on is a 500-horsepower tractor – you can compare the size of that tractor to a double decker bus.”

Mark’s passion has always been taking things apart and finding out how things work, which means he inevitably takes his work home with him. “If there’s a noise in my car, I instantly think – what’s wrong, can I fix it? Being a technician definitely changes how you look at things.”

Mark's career pathway

  • * Completed GCSEs at school
  • * Started an Apprenticeship with Turney Agriculture, splitting his time between college and working onsite
  • * Became a full-time Agricultural Service Technician

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What it takes to be a Agricultural Technician

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £39,520
Average salary for a job in the UK* £26,260

Employment statuses

  • Full Time Employed: 87,021
  • Part Time Employed: 4,721
  • Self Employed: 5,323
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 97,065

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*according to ONS

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