Service Delivery Engineer

James enjoyed school and college – particularly his BTEC in Lighting and Set Design. The hands-on, technical elements of the course confirmed for him that while he had a passion for learning and gaining new knowledge, he’d rather not study full-time at university. So, he began searching for routes that would provide more technical training and skills development without being in a class or lecture every day. 

Soon after finishing college, James spotted the Advanced Apprenticeship in Service Delivery Engineering offered by the telecommunications company, Openreach, and applied straightaway. His enthusiasm for developing his skills, combined with his hobbies in model-building and 3D printing, meant that he was the perfect candidate for the role.  

During his apprenticeship he got to work with other apprentices and more senior colleagues alike. Nowadays, in his full-time role as a Service Delivery Engineer, the main part of his job is working on the national roll-out of more efficient telecoms services. “To put it simply, my colleagues and I work on connecting homes and businesses to the street cabinet via a fibre cable. Fibre doesn’t degrade like a copper line and offers faster broadband.” 

His skills have been useful in other ways too. Drawing on his wide range of hobbies, he designed a miniature street model for the company that demonstrates how the infrastructure works. “You can plug a little phone in that buzzes and there are lights in the road to show where the cables go.” 

James speaks modestly about his model, but it’s had a big impact – it has been used across the country and even in a government scheme in Scotland to show people what ‘fibre to the cabinet technology’ is and how it works. 

James's career pathway

  • 2011 Left school with GCSEs
  • 2012 Studied for, and completed, a BTEC in Production Arts: Lighting Design and Set Design for Theatres
  • 2013 Started an advanced apprenticeship with Openreach in Service Delivery Engineering
  • 2016 Completed apprenticeship and became a full-time Service Delivery Engineer

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What it takes to be a Service Delivery Engineer

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £37,440
Average salary for a job in the UK* £26,260

Employment statuses

  • Full Time Employed: 50,237
  • Part Time Employed: 1,227
  • Self Employed: 3,703
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 55,167

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*according to ONS

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