Helen & Gillian

Light Vehicle Service Technicians

Gillian grew up in Ayrshire, Scotland, and Helen in Stratford, England, so how did they meet and become best friends? Through their apprenticeship training to become Audi Service Technicians.  

After school they both realised they had a passion for fixing cars. Gillian’s dad owned a garage, so the mechanics and technical workings of a car were second nature to her: “I didn't really like it all during school but realised I loved it once I left and did a mechanics course at college.”  

Helen’s journey was a bit different – after starting A levels in science, maths and mechanics at school, she realised she wanted her learning to be more hands on. So, she followed her gut and left to start a Level 2 mechanics course at college which lead to an apprenticeship with an Audi Centre: “I think people are quite surprised that this is my chosen profession as I was really into art and creative subjects as a child – but I’m happy that it is!”

They met when they began their Service Technician Apprenticeship Training and have been there for each other ever since. “The guys on the course were lovely, but it’s always nice to have another girl to get through it with!” Helen says.

Training has been fun and challenging for both of them: “Before I arrived, I had studied car mechanics, but when I started to work on Audi cars I had to start from scratch. With the car computer systems, and the quality and status of the brand it can be quite complicated.” Gillian says. “But I love working here, as the brand is always one step ahead in technology, which means that we have to be a step ahead too, which makes you feel good!”

But on the course they learn all they need to, and more. Helen says: “Every few weeks we come to the training centre, which is great as you’re surrounded by people in the same situation as you, at the same point in their training although we all have different backgrounds – it’s really nice to have each other. It’s hard work, but fun – and they really push you to do your best and achieve.”

Both performed so well when training to be Service Technicians, they were fast-tracked to Diagnostic Technician training – so what’s next?

Gillian says: “I think we both want to become Master Technicians after completing our Diagnostic Technician training. And then after that, who knows? We’ve spoken about running our own dealership before – how cool would that be? An all-female mechanical team, supporting each other every day!”

Helen & Gillian's career pathway

  • 2013 Started A Levels in Maths, Science and Mathematical Mechanics
  • 2014 Left school to start a Level 2 Mechanics course at college
  • 2015 Started an Audi Apprenticeship, and began Service Technician Training
  • 2018 Achieved 100% on her Service Technician Accreditation and was fast tracked to the Diagnostic Technician Training course
  • 2018 Qualified to work as a Service Technician with additional specialisms at an Audi Centre
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What it takes to be a Light Vehicle Service Technicians

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £29,640
Average salary for a job in the UK* £26,260

Employment statuses

  • Full Time Employed: 149,243
  • Part Time Employed: 14,636
  • Self Employed: 29,386
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 193,265

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