SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Engineer

It’s one thing to know how a wind turbine should operate; it’s quite another to translate it into a language that computers understand. That’s what Gabriel does.

He programmes the software that enables wind turbines to be controlled on screens in remote substations. “It’s intriguing how a few lines of code can make these huge machines do whatever you want”.

Gabriel has always loved computers and gadgets. While studying for his BTEC in Electronics he learnt more about what’s inside them. “It’s fascinating how all these tiny resistors, capacitors and microcontrollers come together in a smartphone that connects you to the world”.

After college he successfully completed an apprenticeship with Siemens in Berlin, despite an initial setback. “I didn’t know until the first day that we would be taught in German! I really enjoyed the challenge though.”

Now, on a day-to-day basis, Gabriel is responsible for analysing the data that’s collected from the instruments and sensors at wind turbine locations, processing it, and then writing the right code to make sure the wind turbine continues to function safely and correctly.

By pursuing his passions, Gabriel has a job where he can contribute to the creation of clean energy, he’s learnt a new language and works for one of the most well-known companies in Europe – very inspiring! 

Gabriel's career pathway

  • 2008 Left school after completing his GCSEs
  • 2008 BTEC National Diploma in Electronic Engineering and achieved a distinction-merit level
  • 2011 Got a City & Guilds in Electrotechnical Technology
  • 2012 Got a City & Guilds in Electrotechnical Technology Level 3 and started on a Mechatronics Apprenticeship with Siemens in Berlin
  • 2015 Started full-time at Siemens as a Software and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Engineer
  • 2018 Started studying on a Degree Apprenticeship in Engineering with Siemens

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What it takes to be a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Engineer

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £44,720
Average salary for a job in the UK* £26,260

Employment statuses

  • Full Time Employed: 257,953
  • Part Time Employed: 13,884
  • Self Employed: 25,765
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 297,602

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*according to ONS

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