Mechanical Designer

At the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) they’re working to develop a machine that will make energy from nuclear fusion, the process that fuels stars. If they are successful at recreating this reaction on earth, it would mean a carbon-free, boundless source of energy for mankind.

As a Mechanical Designer, Emily plays a key part in helping to make this happen.

“Day-to-day I’m working on various projects, creating 3D models, assemblies or drawings, depending on what’s required for the job. There’s so much to work on, so many different systems. I think it’s exciting to be able to think ‘I was involved in that project!’”

Emily did English and History for A-level, but her enjoyment of Maths led her to consider a career in engineering. Looking into her options she realised that mechanical design was the subject for her. So she started on an apprenticeship at UKAEA.

“When you’re at school and you’re looking at what you want to do in the future, if you have hobbies or interests and skills in your home life that are your passions, then it’s really good to bring them into the job you choose to do.”

“I’m quite arty, I’m quite creative, I do a lot of drawing – and I’ve found that actually really helps. But also, if you like doing DIY or building things at home then I’d recommend going down the technician route because it’s something you’ll enjoy, and everyone wants to do a job that they enjoy!”


Emily's career pathway

  • 2013 Completed three A-levels in History, English Literature and Maths. She then started a 4-year Advanced Mechanical Engineering apprenticeship with UKAEA
  • 2016 Gained a HNC in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2017 Gained a HND in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2017 Finished her apprenticeship and became a Mechanical Designer at UKAEA
  • 2018 Began a degree apprenticeship at UKAEA, studying for a degree in Engineering Design

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What it takes to be a Mechanical Designer

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £33,280
Average salary for a job in the UK* £26,260

Employment statuses

  • Full Time Employed: 39,696
  • Part Time Employed: 3,461
  • Self Employed: 4,491
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 47,648

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*according to ONS

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