Analytical Chemistry Technician

The teams at the University of Manchester are always looking to create more effective methods to diagnose and treat patients. That’s where Dominika comes in!

Dominika tests chemical compounds called radioactive tracers; ensuring that they are safe to be used on patients in research studies. When these tracers are injected, they give off gamma rays that allow a special camera to gather images of the body that couldn’t otherwise be seen. The tracers and images are then used to help with furthering research into diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease with the overall goal of improving diagnoses and treatments.

Dominika and her team must perform all the necessary quality control tests on the tracers to the highest level of accuracy before any can go up to the patients. But all the tracers have a short shelf life, and decay quickly, so everything has to be done in a few short minutes.

The laboratory is very busy during this process, and success requires a high level of teamwork. However, this is what Dominika loves. “The drive to get everything done as quickly as possible - to the highest standards each time - is really satisfying. Whenever there is human life involved, you must be diligent and make accurate records. It’s really rewarding knowing that thanks to your work, patients receive safe treatments that will help to save lives in the long-run.”

Dominika's career pathway

  • 2011 Graduated from Jagiellonian University in Poland with an MSc in Chemistry
  • 2011 Worked in radiopharmaceutical sector in Poland, taking roles in Research & Development, Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • 2015 Moved to Manchester, taking jobs initially in customer service to develop language skills and then in the pharmaceutical sector
  • 2016 Joined the University of Manchester as an Analytical Chemistry Technician; undertaking courses in molecular imaging to stay at the forefront of her field
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What it takes to be a Analytical Chemistry Technician

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £27,040
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  • Full Time Employed: 75,189
  • Part Time Employed: 21,547
  • Self Employed: 1,974
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 98,710

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Dominika - Chemical Analytical Technician
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