Architectural Technician

When she was young Aurelia loved creating buildings on the computer game, The Sims. Now, as an Architectural Technician at engineering and design consultancy, BakerHicks, she gets to do what she loves every day.

Using Revit, a digital modelling tool, Aurelia is responsible for creating 3D versions of architectural designs for a wide range of projects, including both new builds and refurbishments. Her role presents her with different challenges every day, for example sometimes she’ll have to model a whole building using just a photograph of what’s already there.

“When I’m working from pictures I have to use my creative skills and knowledge a lot more. Whilst I enjoy creating designs from an existing Computer Aided Design (CAD) as it’s straightforward and faster, I particularly like the challenge of working from pictures. It allows me to put much more detail into the design, such as what sort of brick it is.”

As an Architectural Technician, no day is the same – you could be working on any kind of building, from a huge international airport to a brand new school for a local community.

Aurelia’s favourite project so far was a new school which she worked on not long after first joining BakerHicks: “It’s what taught me all about the job. We used lots of different materials in the building of the school, so there were lots of fascinating details to think about. The school was designed so that children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) could learn alongside the other children. So I had to really take into consideration how everyone would move through the school when building the model; it was a really interesting and challenging process. There were lots of different details in it as well, such as a sensory garden and hydrotherapy pool.

“The school is actually open now and I had the opportunity to go along and see it. What started off as a piece of blank paper on my desk was now a real thing standing in front of me – that was a brilliant experience.”

So, what advice would she give to her younger self? “Just go for the thing you enjoy doing the most, you don’t want to wake up and not want to go to work. I love my work because it’s fun and I get to do so much more than one repetitive task. I design, I create construction details, I model 3D buildings on the computer, I create documents that help the project’s construction, I make sure the design meets the construction requirements and more – there’s so much you can do in this job.”

Aurelia's career pathway

  • 2014 Completed a HNC in Architectural Technology and Design at college
  • 2015 Completed a HND in Architectural Technology and Design at college
  • 2016 Became a Trainee Architectural Technician at BakerHicks
  • 2018 Promoted to Architectural Technician at BakerHicks

“As an engineering and design consultancy, Technicians are an integral part of our project teams at BakerHicks. Often taking the lead role throughout the technical design of a project, they are the backbone to the design process, forming the link between the concept of a design and bringing things to realisation. We’re proud to have a strong technical team, whose specialist skills are vital to the success of our projects.”

Laura James, Head of Scotland

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What it takes to be a Architectural Technician

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £31,200
Average salary for a job in the UK* £26,260

Employment statuses

  • Full Time Employed: 21,088
  • Part Time Employed: 3,936
  • Self Employed: 1,093
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 26,117

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*according to ONS

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