Head Veterinary Technician

Andrew always liked animals but when he left school, he had little idea of what he wanted to do. He applied for a job as a veterinary technician at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and studied Applied Biology.

Nowadays he is head of the anatomy service at the RVC, which involves him demonstrating in undergraduate classes, supervising other veterinary technicians and advising on cutting-edge research and technological requirements.

The best bit of Andrew’s job is interacting with people. “I enjoy teaching a new cohort of students every year, they all have different experience and skills, which makes it really interesting.” The RVC also run events for the general public and Andrew takes the lead doing demonstrations and dissections. “Interacting with the public is great – they never tire of seeing the gory bits of a dissection!” He was even awarded an MBE in recognition for his work encouraging young people to consider a career in science.

According to Andrew, if you are interested in animals, then being a veterinary technician is a great career to consider.

“Seeing the incredible way that muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels work together to allow animals to do the things they do is amazing. The diversity of animals on the planet is so great that you learn something new every day.”

Andrew's career pathway

  • 1980 Left college with an A-level in Zoology
  • 1980 Joined the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) as a Technician
  • 1985 Achieved a HNC in Applied Biology with Physiology and Pharmacology
  • 2000 Was promoted to Chief Technician at the RVC
  • 2012 Was awarded an MBE for his services in encouraging young people to pursue scientific careers
  • 2012 Was promoted to the Head of the Anatomy Service at the RVC

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What it takes to be a Head Veterinary Technician

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Average salary

Average salary for this job in the UK £54,080
Average salary for a job in the UK* £26,260

Employment statuses

  • Full Time Employed: 37,547
  • Part Time Employed: 3,759
  • Self Employed: 2,797
  • TOTAL EMPLOYED: 44,103

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*according to ONS

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