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Technicians Make it Happen would be nothing without the huge number of technicians who have gotten behind the campaign. From being happy to share their own career story on our website, to volunteering with us as we go around the country meeting adults and young people, no-one is better equipped to explain why what they do is so important than technicians themselves.

This site is geared towards inspiring young people and explaining to the adults in their lives, such as parents and teachers, that the career of a technician can have boundless opportunities. Our aim is to reveal how technicians work in virtually every sector and industry in the country – and if a young person is naturally analytical, practical and a real problem-solver, it’s very likely that a technician career could be ideal.

We hope that we do your role justice. If you have comments, ideas, or want to get involved in the campaign, please do get in touch.

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Professional registration: The status technicians deserve

The important work that technicians do is as diverse as their career paths. Some may have undertaken a degree, while others will have completed an apprenticeship, a technical qualification, such as a BTEC for example, or have developed comprehensive skills and knowledge ‘on the job’. 

The paths that skilled technicians take may be varied, but there is one thing that they all have in common – they are professionals with high levels of skills and knowledge. Professional registration is proof that a technician, no matter the route they have taken, is a person that is trusted to do a skilled, important job. Whether it’s an employer or a recruiter; a customer or a colleague – those who meet a registered technician can be assured that they are dealing with an accomplished professional.

Depending on your area of expertise, the licensing bodies below manage the registers of technicians in the UK. To find out more about gaining professional registration status, click on the logo below that feels most relevant to what you do.

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