There is no such thing as a typical technician employer. In fact, from the smallest SMEs, to some of the biggest brands in the country, technicians are the linchpins of the economy, driving innovation, productivity and generally keeping things running smoothly for employers up and down the land. The range of employers who have kindly supported the Technicians Make it Happen campaign is testament to this.

We are very grateful to every employer who has allowed us to visit their workplace, spend time with their technicians and share their own stories of how the input of their technicians has helped their business to flourish.

So many employers tell us that the skills shortage at the technician level is one of their biggest concerns when it comes to growth and stability. This site is geared towards inspiring young people, particularly those that are naturally analytical, practical and real problem-solvers, to consider becoming part of the next generation of the nation’s much needed technicians.

Take a look across the site. If you have comments, ideas, or want to have some of your own technicians featured in the campaign, please do get in touch.

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Alex checking the oil levels on a vintage London bus

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Make it Happen campaign

Whether you're from and SME or a large multi-national organisation, we would love to hear from you if you are interested in supporting the campaign.

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Professional registration: The status technicians deserve

The important work that technicians do is as diverse as their career paths. Some may have undertaken a degree, while others will have completed an apprenticeship, a technical qualification, such as a BTEC for example, or have developed comprehensive skills and knowledge ‘on the job’. 

The paths that skilled technicians take may be varied, but there is one thing that they all have in common – they are professionals with high levels of skills and knowledge. Professional registration is proof that a technician, no matter the route they have taken, is a person that is trusted to do a skilled, important job. Whether it’s an employer or a recruiter; a customer or a colleague – those who meet a registered technician can be assured that they are dealing with an accomplished professional.

Depending on the area of expertise, the licensing bodies below manage the registers of technicians in the UK. To find out more about supporting your technicians to gain professional registration status, click on the logo below that feels most relevant to your business.

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