Technologically minded

Possessing a knack for using new technology or creating things on a computer.

Jessie Auguste

Meet Jessie Auguste

Cyber Security Technician

Jessie's job title is Software Engineer at Cybsafe

Feven Zeray

Meet Feven Zeray

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Feven's job title is Aircraft Maintenance Technician at British Airways

Silvi Kalfa

Meet Silvi Kalfa

Security Systems Technician

Silvi's job title is Security Expert Technician at Verisure

Khalid Maalim

Meet Khalid Maalim

IT Technician

Khalid's job title is IT Support Officer at the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts

Jordan Feemster

Meet Jordan Feemster

Sound Technician

Jordan's job title is Freelance Sound Technician in the film industry