Telecommunications Technician

Installing, troubleshooting and maintaining telecommunication systems to people and business to communicate with each other

How this role makes a difference

Organisations rely on telecommunication systems in all areas of operations, just as people rely on voice, data, and video communications across their leisure and home life. The number of devices that utilise mobile and broadband networks has expanded tremendously over the last ten years, as internet and mobile technology have become faster and more readily available.

Not all areas enjoy the same superfast internet connections, however, and mobile and broadband networks can fail. Therefore specialists are required to understand what the challenges are, install the right technology, and repair issues quickly. You could be the technician who helps people and business to communicate with each other effectively by making network connections fast and reliable.

The kind of work you’ll do

  • Implementing IT solutions involving network hardware, software, databases and programming
  • Responding to reports about failing networks and communications
  • Diagnosing issues
  • Interacting with a wide variety of users with varying levels of technical knowledge
  • Collecting and analysing network and telecommunications performance data
  • Implementing and testing secure systems
  • Testing and maintaining core network infrastructure
Useful skills
Logical thinking
Useful skills
Attention to detail
Useful skills
Problem solving
Useful skills
Technologically minded

What you can bring to the role

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Future career opportunities

You could work in several different environments, including large telecoms companies, within the IT team of a big organisation, or within a specialist IT consultancy that helps organisations install and manage their telecommunication systems.

As your knowledge and experience increase, you could get involved in the design of networks, helping organisations transition from old telecommunications systems to fast internet-based solutions.

How to get into this role

There’s no perfect career path or ideal way into your dream job.

But if you’re interested in education and training options that could be relevant to this role, you might want to consider:  

Schools and colleges each have their own career guidance plan and can provide detailed information, advice, and guidance on options and next steps.

A little more about the role

Exciting features...

Many of the systems you install will be based in the cloud, instead of being installed in servers on premises. You’ll use cloud technology to roll out new systems to businesses and to provide software updates and new services to customers. You will understand how voice, data, and video infrastructure operates and how to direct different types of calls over the network to make telecommunications as cost effective as possible.

Other job titles...

This role can also be known by some other job titles including:

Cloud Technician
Communications Technician
Cyber/Security Support
Data Centre Support Technician
Help Desk Support
IT Field Technician
IT Support Analyst
Network Field Operative
Network Support
Office IT Technician

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