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Food Science Technician

Ensuring food and drink products are great tasting and safe

How this role makes a difference

Every day, millions of fresh, creative and tasty food products are made, packed, and sold for the enjoyment of consumers in the UK and around the world. Every product needs to meet the safety standards of the country it’s made in and the countries where it’s sold.

People can have allergies to some ingredients, so measures are taken to stop the wrong ingredients being mixed in by mistake and to make sure packaging is labelled properly. A lot of time is also spent improving and creating new products. You could be the technician who helps to ensure food and drink products are great-tasting, labelled correctly and safe to eat and drink.

The kind of work you’ll do

  • Collecting, interpreting, and analysing data
  • Specifying ingredients and organising their storage, handling and quality checks
  • Meeting with suppliers of raw materials and assessing taste and quality
  • Costing and comparing the costs of different products
  • Contributing to new product ideas
  • Overseeing and auditing processes to make sure safety standards are met
  • Liaising with manufacturing and production teams
  • Helping to improve systems and processes
Useful skills
Attention to detail
Useful skills
Communicating complex ideas
Useful skills
Useful skills
Instructing others

What you can bring to the role

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Future career opportunities

You could be employed by a grower, a large or small food manufacturer, or by a retailer, such as a major UK supermarket.

Once you have experience, possible roles include technical manager, quality assurance, process development, new product development or auditor.

There may be the opportunity to travel as part of your role, either to discover new foods and ingredients internationally or to promote products to other countries.

How to get into this role

There’s no perfect career path or ideal way into your dream job.

But if you’re interested in education and training options that could be relevant to this role, you might want to consider:  

  • A T-level in Science after you finish your GCSEs 
  • An apprenticeship as a Food Technologist after finishing school or college

Schools and colleges each have their own career guidance plan and can provide detailed information, advice, and guidance on options and next steps.

A little more about the role

Exciting features...

You will develop an understanding of the complete food journey, from field to fork, and can help drive a manufacturing process that protects the nutritious ingredients in food for the benefit of people’s health. The ingredients you choose and where you source them from can also have a positive impact on the environment and communities. More local sourcing can reduce transportation time and carbon emissions, while sourcing internationally can provide vital work opportunities to people in developing countries.

Other job titles...

This role can also be known by some other job titles including:

Food Technologist

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