Apprenticeships are offered by a wide range of employers and are advertised in many places. The Government’s Apprenticeships website is a great place to start and includes many nationally available apprenticeships, information on the different levels of apprenticeships, and tips on how to apply for them.

However, many employers, colleges, and training providers advertise apprenticeships on their websites and do not always use the Government’s site.

Finding an apprenticeship can be a bit like finding a job – your first step should be to do some searching online to see what’s out there. Don’t be afraid to email or call local colleges or employers directly to get some more information about what is available.

Take a look at technician careers below which an apprenticeship can get you ready for.


Could I be a technician?

Technicians work on everything from software development to medical research, and these jobs are ideal for people who are inquisitive, practical and great problem-solvers. Take a look below and see if any of this sounds like you.

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A natural ability to look at a problem logically, to consider all possibilities, before finding the best way forward.

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Attention to detail

The ability to focus, make sound judgements and accurate decisions.

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Communicating complex ideas

Being able to make difficult things easy to understand and communicate them to others.

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Critical thinking

The process of thinking carefully about a subject or idea. Listening carefully, asking the right questions and acting upon what you’ve learnt is key.

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To be able to assess the available options and find the correct solution quickly and confidently.

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Instructing others

A knack for teaching others how to do something.

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Practical application

Being able to put what you’ve learnt into practice.

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Being very careful and accurate, particularly about small details. Real attention to detail gives you the quality control skills needed to pursue a career as a technician.

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The ability to define or identify a complex problem, arrive at a number of potential solutions and evaluate, choose and implement the best possible solution.

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Possessing a knack for using new technology or creating things on a computer.

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Discover more about these skills in our prospectus.

Our real-life stories of technicians show just how broad and interesting technician jobs are. From working on ground-breaking treatments for cancer, developing robots headed for space, or working backstage on best-selling shows; be inspired by reading about how technicians make things happe.

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Average Salary of a Research laboratory Technician £47,840
Average Salary of a Network Engineer £34,320
Average Salary of a Mechanical Designer £31,720
UK average adult salary £26,260

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*according to ONS

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