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Software Tester

Testing software, looking for faults and trying to break it, so that the final version is as perfect as possible

How this role makes a difference

Software is used in many different situations, on our mobiles phones, desktop computers, to run machinery, gather data, and to design things. It’s relied upon by individuals and businesses who use software to work properly to complete what they need to do.

New digital products also need new software to go with them and there are frequent updates to improve performance and product functionality. You could be the technician that tests software and tries to break it, so the final version is as perfect as possible.

The kind of work you’ll do

  • Designing and building test cases
  • Checking software meets security, performance, and usability requirements
  • Carrying out manual and automated tests
  • Finding bugs and issues with how software works, so they can be fixed
  • Contributing to software development
  • Working independently to complete tests
  • Working collaboratively to develop solutions
Useful skills
Technologically minded
Useful skills
Communicating complex ideas
Useful skills
Attention to detail
Useful skills
Useful skills
Problem solving

What you can bring to the role

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Future career opportunities

You will have the option to apply your software testing skills to many different environments based on the products and services you find most interesting.

Teaching others how to test software and record findings could be another step in your career, or you could progress to designing software yourself.

How to get into this role

There’s no perfect career path or ideal way into your dream job.

But if you’re interested in education and training options that could be relevant to this role, you might want to consider:  

Schools and colleges each have their own career guidance plan and can provide detailed information, advice, and guidance on options and next steps.

A little more about the role

Exciting features...

You can be a software tester in many kinds of organisation, from a big tech brand that creates consumer products, to a large multinational organisation focused on business applications, to a smaller consulting firm that works on a contract basis, perhaps for the government, on health, education or defence projects.

Other job titles...

This role can also be known by some other job titles including:

Software Test Analyst
Software QA (Quality Assurance) Tester
Automation Tester
Integration Tester
Penetration Tester

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