Professional lighting equipment

Lighting Technician

Lighting the stages or sets used in concerts, films, theatre and TV

How this role makes a difference

Lighting is used to create atmosphere and dramatic effects in a wide range of situations, from concerts to conferences, theatre performances to exhibitions, film and tv productions to advertising.

Working with a lighting designer, the lighting crew make sure the stage or set is lit correctly and safely. They also make adjustments as filming and rehearsals progress, to support the designer’s creative vision. You could be the technician who brings light to film and theatre, enabling performances of all kinds to be visually striking.

The kind of work you’ll do

  • Interpreting a lighting designer’s plan
  • Planning where to run cables and place lights
  • Helping to set up the rig and check equipment
  • Taking instructions from the stage manager in the theatre or the floor manager in TV on what they want to achieve
  • Programming and operating manual or computer controlled lighting systems
  • Carrying out risk assessments for health and safety purposes
  • Taking down and storing equipment after shows or filming
Useful skills
Useful skills
Useful skills
Instructing others

What you can bring to the role

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Future career opportunities

Once you’ve gained experience in a supporting role you could progress to leading a team of lighting technicians and managing the logistics for ordering and delivering of lighting.

More experience will also allow you to work on bigger and more complex projects, and to specialise in areas such as electrical safety, inspection and testing, pyrotechnics or rigging.

How to get into this role

There’s no perfect career path or ideal way into your dream job.

But if you’re interested in education and training options that could be relevant to this role, you might want to consider:  

Schools and colleges each have their own career guidance plan and can provide detailed information, advice, and guidance on options and next steps.

A little more about the role

Exciting features...

Films, advertising shoots, conferences, and theatre shows take place in lots of different locations, so you’ll have the opportunity to travel around and gain access to places you may not otherwise visit. You’ll also meet a wide variety of people, some of whom could be famous performers and actors.

Other job titles...

This role can also be known by some other job titles including:


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