Technicians innovating for a better future

Innovation sounds exciting, but what does it mean exactly? It can be defined as turning ideas into practical realities to improve processes and goods. This means we think technicians are the drivers of innovation!


Many technicians are responsible for using their expertise and practical know-how to innovatively build a better future. We’ve shone a light on just a few of them below.

Innovating for a technological future

Victoria’s problem-solving, attention to detail and precision make her the perfect Vacuum Technician. Her job is niche, but very varied – she works on technology to create near perfect vacuum-conditions so the particle beam of the Large Hadron Collider can travel close to the speed of light. By recreating the conditions of the Big Bang, Victoria and her team are constantly pushing the bounds of scientific discovery and sharing their knowledge for a technologically advanced future!

Victoria’s story can be read here 


Innovating for an educated future

Anjna brings science education to life by using her expertise and organisation to create exciting and safe science experiments. When Anjna first moved to Haringey Sixth Form, it was brand-new and didn’t have any practical science lessons. So she designed a system for Biology, Chemistry and Physics from scratch. She works to ensure students have the richest science education, so they can pursue scientific higher education or careers in their futures if they want to. Thank you for our future scientists Anjna!

Anjna’s story can be read here 


Innovating for an accessible future

Alan has taken his gift for creativity and problem-solving to design innovative devices to help those with lifelong conditions and injuries to walk and be pain-free. “I once made splints for a lady who had been unable to stand for five years. Thanks to the orthotic splints, she was able to stand at the altar for her wedding. There’s nothing more rewarding than that.” 

Thank you Alan for giving many brighter futures. You can hear more from Alan, here


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What kind of future would you like to help build as a technician?



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