How an apprenticeship could kickstart your career

With an apprenticeship you could learn key skills that not only kickstart your career with a bang but prove to be useful throughout your career. Not only that, but you can also earn while you learn and get direct experience of the workplace.

Read to learn more from technicians who used an apprenticeship to launch their careers ...

 From County Durham 🏰 to Switzerland ⛰️


Morgan’s apprenticeship in electrical installation with a local business gave him experience with domestic, commercial and industrial projects. He learnt the ins-and-outs of everything from re-wiring a house to a substation!

With the skills gained through his apprenticeship, Morgan successfully applied for CERN’s Technician Training Programme. Now, as an electrical technician on the world’s largest experiment, he carries out repairs and designs electrical systems to further work to discover the origins of the universe.

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Straight to the heart 💓 of scientific research 🧪


Claire’s apprenticeship has taken her straight to the forefront of scientific discovery. After deciding that she no longer wanted to play the flute professionally, she realised that her A-levels and a university degree wouldn’t allow her to progress in the area she loved – science.

After successfully applying for an apprenticeship at the world-famous Sanger Institute, she is not only learning scientific expertise but also helping to find new cures to diseases, like COVID-19.

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From fixing your bike 🗜️ to installing the latest car technology ðŸš—


What do Kwame, Amelia and George have in common? They all changed their passion for cars into a profession with a Service Technician Apprenticeship at Volkswagen.

Kwame knew he loved cars and knew he didn’t want to go to university – so when he discovered the Audi apprenticeship, he was over the moon. Meanwhile, Amelia is now able to restore vintage cars at home and learn about the latest car technology at work.

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An apprenticeship is one of the many ways you can kickstart a fulfilling technician career.

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