Get outdoors! As a technician

Technician jobs for those who love being outdoors


Do you have the problem-solving and analytical skills to be a great technician, but also want a career where you spend most of your time outdoors? Don’t worry there are plenty of options where you can do both! Read on to explore how you could be a technician in the great outdoors. 


Agricultural service Technician

Mark, and agricultural service technicians like him, are in high demand. They apply their technological and engineering skills to make sure that equipment farmers need, from satellite imaging to tractors the size of double decker buses, are working as needed. This means he can find himself in the middle of fields, the sides of roads, rain or shine – wherever help is needed.

Mark's story

Geology Research and Teaching Technician


Tom on a  research trip in Iceland; credit: Manchester University

As a teaching and research technician at Manchester University, Tom has travelled all around the world supporting research to monitor environmental change and pollution and develop strategies to mitigate it:

“I worked in Iceland, Patagonia, the South Pacific [collecting samples]; drilling into lake, ocean, floodplain, and bog sediment – which is challenging, especially when you have to carry the extracts out on your back!” 

Tom's story

Horticultural Technician

Horticultural technicians, like Sally, use their scientific expertise to optimise plants and crops for research. Some of the plants she grows, have never existed before! The best environments for the plants she cares for can vary according to species, so horticultural technicians can find themselves working in laboratory, greenhouse or garden settings.


Sally's story


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