Can you transform your passion into your profession?

When looking for the perfect job, sometimes the skills you learn outside the classroom can be just as useful as those you learn in it! Read on to see how the hobbies of our technicians helped them to find their dream role:

Architectural Technician at BakerHicks, Aurelia

“In my family, it was always me who put the tables together and did the cabling and stuff for my two little sisters and my mum. So, ever since I was young, constructing was something I knew and loved -even down to playing with PlayMobil. I really liked making stuff!

To create 3D models of buildings, I use a software called Revit. I love it – when I started my course and I first used it I was like ‘this is so much fun’! I even stayed late after class just to play around with it, so I think I got better faster than everyone else. It reminded me of playing The Sims, which I loved – it’s just like that, but just the building part, which I preferred to the life bit anyway.

There are lots of parts to my job, but when I’m given something to model, that’s when I’m the happiest. I go to work every day because it’s fun.”

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Engineering Technician at CERN, Jamie                    

“I was an inquisitive child to say the least – I would pull things apart to see what was inside, at one point destroying an entire hi-fi system. When I was 16, I had a picture of the ATLAS experiment on my wall, and I knew I wanted to work at CERN. After a series of saying ‘yes!’ to every opportunity, and that’s where I am!

I design and build parts of the ATLAS experiment – working out the mechanics, statistical analysis of huge assemblies – no two days are the same. I get to do things that I’d never imagined with an experiment that I’d always dreamed of working on, doing things that no-one else in the world gets to do.”

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Electronics Technician at Manchester University, Claire

Growing up Claire had a huge range of interests and has always loved making things, the more challenging the better! At home, that lead to an interest in making complex jewelry, Lego structures, and knitting 3D creatures without a pattern. She also paints miniature figures for war games - painting on a very small scale. In the end, it’s all of these passions combined that makes her perfect for her role. Thanks to her keen eyesight and attention to detail, she can work with components which are sometimes just one millimeter thick.

Meanwhile her natural creativity has been crucial to solving challenges at work – from creating a cable loom to knot weaving, which keeps electronics boards straight for testing. “I think I am evidence that passions should be pursued!”

You can read more about Claire, here

Mechanical Designer at UKAEA, Emily

“When you’re at school and you’re looking at what you want to do in the future, if you have hobbies or interests and skills in your home life that are your passions, then I think it’s really good to bring them into the job you choose to do.

I’m quite arty, I’m quite creative, I do a lot of drawing – and I’ve found that actually really helps with what I do.

Day-to-day I’m working on various projects, creating 3D models, assemblies or drawings, depending on what’s required for the job. There’s so much to work on, so many different systems. I think it’s exciting to be able to think ‘I was involved in that project!

If you like doing DIY or building things at home then I’d recommend going down the technician route because it’s something you’ll enjoy, and everyone wants to do a job that they enjoy!”

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