The Institute of Animal Technology welcomed as supporter of Technician Commitment

The Technician Commitment and Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) are delighted to announce that the IAT has been confirmed as an official supporter of the Commitment.

The IAT joins a number of prestigious organisations committed to supporting the technical community, including public and professional bodies and learned societies.

The daily work undertaken by technicians is critical in the fulfilment of the professional care and high welfare standards of animals in science, including the promotion of the 3Rs (Refinement, Reduction & Replacement). 

Find the IAT Technician Commitment Action Plan here.

This IAT support follows on from John Waters, Chief Animal Technician at the University of Liverpool, being named as the Times Higher Technician of the Year last year for his enormous commitment to improving welfare standards and for providing substantial support to fellow animal technicians across the UK and beyond.

Dr Clare Stevenson, Associate Lead of the Technician Commitment commented:


We are delighted to welcome the IAT as a formal supporter of the Technician Commitment.

The IAT have committed to advancing visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for their technical community who play a crucial role in advancing technology and ensuring excellence in the care and welfare of animals in science.

We are excited to hear about the initiatives to support their technicians and technologists and we look forward to supporting them with their action plan.


Simon Cumming, Senior Operations Manager at the University of Edinburgh, spoke as a representative for the IAT:


The IAT are proud to join this initiative and look forward to utilising the Commitment to further support their members, who are located within numerous institutions throughout its national and international community.

The IAT’s formal action plan demonstrates the backing of the Technician Commitment in the 4 key areas of the commitment, namely visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability.

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