28 Oct 2020 / Student / Parent, Guardian, Carer / Teacher, Careers Advisor / Technician / Employer / Other

Darnell - Apprentice Automotive Technician

Sometimes the skills you learn outside of the classroom can be the most useful in the workplace! Regardless of where you work, or what you make happen, there are certain skills that all great technicians share. Take for instance technicians in the automotive industry. We need clever, never-seen-before cars if we want to protect the environment and stay safe. That means that technicians in the automotive industry today, will need a wide range of skills – technological, problem-solving and critical thinking just to name a few! But how can they develop them? Darnell, an Apprentice Service Technician with Volkswagen was sent to learn about Team work and Communication with fellow apprentices at Outward Bound with Outward Bound - watch the video to hear his story.


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