Welcome to the new and improved Technicians Make it Happen website!

They say that a change is as good as a rest, and while the TMiH team may certainly not have had much time for resting, we definitely have been busy with changes! 

When we launched TMiH back in 2016, our main aim was to champion and celebrate a diverse group of people who most of us had never heard of. What they had in common was a breadth of amazing technical jobs - from working on cutting-edge technology headed for space; to improving services for people in their local community.

There are so many career opportunities as a technician, but too many of us never get told about them, because, by their nature, technicians are usually busy in the background making things happen, rather than the people in the spotlight. Thousands of people flourish in these careers; they get a sense of purpose, work with like-minded people - and the pay is usually not bad either.

In 2016, the understanding of the types of careers that the word technician described was so low that we simply wanted to get some examples out there; show technicians for the great people that they are - with interesting backstories and great tales to tell. Since then, our ambitions for TMiH have grown. More of us now have an idea of the varied nature of what technicians do, and developments like the changes to technical education mean that there is a better understanding of technician roles and why they are worth pursuing.

I hope that by now you’ll notice that our site looks a little different, but more importantly you should start to see that we’ve reviewed our content and how we structure it. The people that tend to visit the TMiH site are:

  • young people who want a little inspiration about various technician roles and a bit more info about what they need to do to get on the right track
  • parents and carers who want to find out if these are roles worth encouraging their child to consider 
  • teachers and careers advisors looking for resources and information about technician careers that are useful for lesson planning or to answer questions from students. 

We’ve tailored the website so that, depending on which of the above best describes you, you can quickly get to the right content. We have also made the information for real-life technicians and their employers, who want to get involved in TMiH, much clearer and easier to find. 

Lots of people have been involved in getting the new and improved website up and running – a massive thanks to everyone. If you spot any errors, wonky links, or missing content, then please do get in touch; we’d really appreciate your help and support. We are also always looking for new technician stories and other inspirational content, so please send ideas our way! 

We ❤ technicians! 

Michelle R (& all the TMiH team)  

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