TMIH celebrates Black History Month

For Black History Month, we have been taking a look at the historic contributions of black technicians in the UK and beyond and have been learning a lot!

See below for some of the amazing figures we discovered:


Lilian Bader – Technician



During the second world war, Lilian joined the WAAF and trained as an instrument repairer, passing First Class and becoming one of the few women to qualify in that trade. Excelling at her job checking for faults in the aircraft instruments at RAF Shawbury, she was promoted to Acting Corporal.


Vivien Thomas – Surgical Technician














Working as a lab technician, his research changed the way people dealt with traumatic shock and along with Blalock, Chief surgeon at John Hopkins University, he came up with a way to treat blue baby syndrome and save countless infant lives.

Modern Day hero: Denise McLean – Senior Research Technician



Denise is a Senior Research Technician specialising in electron microscopy and histology in the School of Life Sciences, at the University of Nottingham. Her world-leading expertise in nanoparticle imaging means that she is highly sought for a range of ground-breaking projects in the fields of Breast Cancer Research to Drug delivery systems.

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