The New Normal

It’s so hard to believe writing this that most schools, colleges, and workplaces have been closed for nearly a week. The TMiH team are getting used to working from home, making use of video calls and about a dozen different social apps to keep in touch– a lot of memes are going back and forth! It’s not easy of course, but like so many billions of us across the world, we are finding our new normal. 

We’ve been trying to work out what would be helpful for you to see and hear from us; whether you’re someone whose GCSEs or other exams were cancelled, a teacher trying to point someone who is feeling a bit lost in the right direction, or a technician who needs a bit of love right now, we want to make sure that what you’re seeing from us is relevant and useful. 

We think, as is nearly always the case, that the answer lies with the technicians we celebrate in this campaign. So we’ve got a big request of them, those that work with them and those who love them - we need to hear about all those technicians in pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories, food production, transport and logistics, emergency services, digital support, or in any other industry who are going above and beyond right now. The more of these stories that we have to share, the more amazing roles and careers we can show to the world, as well as highlighting just how important every single technician is. Plus it means we can tell all you superhero technicians just how much your efforts mean to us. 

Email or DM us on any of our social channels to get in touch with stories about technicians working miracles at the moment, or simply use the #TechniciansMakeItHappen hashtag so we can share your content far and wide. 

We also know that for some technicians, the nature of their work means that they simply can’t get on with their job right now. We would love to hear from you too. What are you doing to keep yourself healthy and occupied? Perhaps you’re a technician in the creative industries who wants to make some content to share that celebrates your fellow technicians in other industries? Whatever your thoughts – we want to hear them! 

So, don’t just stay in - stay in touch. 



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