The hidden route to your dream job

Not sure what to do next? Degree or no degree — thousands of jobs are available right now in industries like music and sports, to aerospace, film and fashion.

Take a look at some of the amazing careers you could unlock by training as a technician.

From your favourite festivals, to space exploration — did you know that #TechniciansMakeitHappen?

1. I just need space

Behind every incredible mission there’s a team of technicians making it happen. So you didn’t train as an astronaut. Why should that stop you reaching for the stars?

The space industry needs engineers, researchers and mathematicians to make dreams of space a reality.

Joe trained as a technician and now works at STFC RAL Space on equipment that is out of this world.

“I think it’s really exciting that something I’ve handled and helped to test at RAL Space is actually going to land on another planet.”

For more about careers in the space industry, check out or head to to find out where you’d sit on the space crew.

2. Build the apps of the future

Do you have what it takes to come up with the next big thing?

After a few hiccups at school, Josh studied computing at college.

“I was always the guy who fixed the router.”

No one said it would be easy. Josh’s hard work and determination paid off, and he went on to secure a Microsoft Apprenticeship in 2012.

By the age of 22, Josh had his own tech company — we gym.

“That’s what’s exciting about technology — there are no boundaries.”

Check out Microsoft Apprenticeships to discover the latest opportunities.

3. Find a cure

“I would recommend technician work to any student interested in science.”

Like science? Want to make a difference? A career in the lab might be right up your street.

Dhanisha and Philip work on research projects at Newcastle University where no two days are the same.

Their technical expertise could help to create treatments for patients suffering from long-term medical conditions and could even save lives.

“I could be growing cells one moment then processing blood or changing a CO2 cylinder.”

Being a lab technician is more than a career. It’s a state of mind.

To find out more about becoming a lab technician, visit the National Careers Service.

4. The sky’s the limit

Launch your career with the Royal Air Force.

At just 12 years old, Emma decided that she wanted to build planes. In 2001, she joined the RAF, working on amazing aircraft like the Tornado and the Nimrod.

Solomon on the other hand, wasn’t so sure what to do. But at 26, he decided to pursue his interests in aviation, and join the RAF.

“I’m always open to change and the skills I’ve developed as a technician and trainer will give me plenty of options for the future.”

To find out whether you’ve got what it takes, visit

5. The sound of success

“I’ve wanted to do this since the age of 10 when I asked for a sound mixer for my birthday.”

At the Royal Opera House, sound technicians like Giuseppe are on board to ensure the audience gets what they want.

Giuseppe began pursuing his dream right after college with a job as an Assistant Sound Engineer.

“I work on wonderful operas and ballets with famous artists in a beautiful building in central London.”

What more could you ask for?

To find out more about a career in sound engineering, visit

6. Champion cycling

Sunday has always enjoyed tinkering with bikes. Now he helps others build them from scratch.

“You don’t need a degree to work in manufacturing. With the right training you can learn any skill.”

Back in 2013, Sunday joined Brompton Bikes as Assembly Manager. At Brompton, Sunday and the team are involved in every step of the process, working together on man lines to build quality machines.

“What makes it interesting is that you’re involved all the way — from raw materials to a fully functioning bike.”

Training as technicians, the team have gained the specialist skills needed to craft quality bikes that can withstand every leg of the journey.

7. Behind the scenes

308 million people a week rely on people like Jahangir to keep things in order.

Volunteering at a community TV channel, Jahangir realised he could do this day in, day out.

He left college and managed to bag a 3 year apprenticeship with the BBC. He’s now completing a 10 week placement with the engineering team in New Broadcasting House.

Working as an apprentice broadcast engineer, Jahangir provides technical support across BBC TV, radio and online. He wakes up every morning wanting to come to work and learning something new.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity — it’s amazing to be here.”

For more on BBC apprenticeships, visit the BBC website.

8. Feed the world

By 2050, there will be almost 9 billion people on the planet. Horticultural technicians like Sally are growing new varieties of plants that could help meet the challenge.

Sally didn’t want to sit behind a desk all day. She likes working outdoors where she can put her encyclopaedia of plant knowledge to the test.

At Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Sally is responsible for growing specimens for university experiments.

She completed a National Diploma (equivalent to an A Level) in Horticulture to get where she is, but didn’t have to study for a degree.

“What I love most is the variety of plants I cultivate. Sometimes I even take part in projects that change the world.”

To hone your horticultural skills, visit the Royal Horticultural Society website.

9. Think theatre

“It’s satisfying to know that if you hadn’t helped, there might not have been a show that evening.”

At White Light, technicians like Seb and Leo are involved in crafting a spectacle. Whether its fixing hardware, software or a broken cable — these technicians have got your back.

And it’s not just about fixing problems, it’s about turning concepts into reality. Technicians in the performance industry deliver striking visuals, lighting and staging.

There’s much more than meets the eye.

“I really enjoy taking someone’s ideas and turning it into something that happens right in front of you.”

To get your backstage pass, visit the National Careers Service.

Each year, over 70,000 technicians will be needed to meet growing demand.
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