Technicians who help to protect the planet

Technicians are working in a range of skilled roles which are helping to tackle pollution and protect the planet. Read on to discover how.


Keeping an eye on our environment

Technicians are often the ones setting up and carrying out exciting, interesting experiments to help discover more about the world and how to make it a better place. Take for instance Tom and his technical team at the University of Manchester. He works in the physical geography department, supporting research scientists who are reconstructing past environmental changes so they can better understand and help predict the future behaviour of the climate. They also monitor pollution levels so they can contribute to plans to reduce the impact of climate change.

Read more about Tom here.


Growing green food

Urban farms grow all sorts of plants, like vegetables, herbs and fruits, in towns and cities to reduce the distance food has to travel and the amount of fuel used for transport. Sometimes the farms can be found high above street level on rooftops; other times they are deep underground, in laboratory settings. In both cases, horticultural technicians, like Sally (pictured), help to monitor and facilitate the best conditions to yield the best quality crops.



Keeping our water safe and clean

Water quality technicians take samples of water and test them for unwanted microbes and chemicals. They help analyse water from all sorts of places, from lakes and reservoirs to wastewater, making sure it is safe for human and animal use. They also come up with creative solutions when water quality needs to be improved - in Los Angeles a team of engineers and technicians filled a reservoir with polystyrene balls to reduce harmful chemicals that were tainting the water! Click here to read more about water quality technicians.


Helping us travel with a lighter carbon footprint

On a day-to-day basis, we usually have to get out of bed and travel somewhere – whether that be to school or work. Fortunately, there are many technicians working to make sure we create less pollution on our way, from mechanical and engineering technicians helping to create electric vehicles, to those creating alternative, clean ways to travel – like Sunday, at Brompton Bikes or Baldeep at Reaction Engines.

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