Technicians to the rescue

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We've now got to the end of the 13th week of lockdown - something that seems completely unreal to say out loud. Although lockdown is slowly being lifted, we are still far from being back to normal, a state of affairs that can really get you down. But we continue to be amazed by all that technicians across the country are doing to help fight covid-19, but also to start getting the country back to normal again. We always knew technicians made things happen everywhere, but never before have technicians’ skills and attributes been so sorely needed. Below are just some of the stories we've seen - we hope you enjoy them!

There are engineering technicians volunteering to work at field hospitals, pharmacy technicians working overtime, IT technicians keeping all our conference calls going and research technicians sequencing the DNA of the coronavirus to aid vaccine and treatment development.

The can-do attitude of technicians, and the highly skilled nature of their jobs, means that thousands of technicians are volunteering to help the country during its biggest challenge since the second world war. 

Supporting the NHS

We couldn't not share this great video form the Evening Standard of everyday hero, Gemma - she's doing an amazing job:

There's just one more day remaining for you to watch the documentary below - it's brilliant to see the work of technicians getting shown to the whole country:

It might not be directly related to covid-19 but we thought this story of Jamie using his technician problem-solving abilites to help patients was a real pick me up:

Supporting students and research

Ove the last few months we've really enjoyed how many universities and research institutes have been publicly celebrating the volunteer work of their technicians - and this week was no exception:

As well as volunteering, technicians have started getting everything ready for when researchers and students return. This week the John Innes centre (virtually) opened it's doors to show everyone how they've been preparing:

And if you needed a reminder of more normal times, we were fascinated by this video from Manchester's architecture department - their technicians are really talented!


Finally if you didn't have the chance to read it last week, technician Mike, who's secured funding to start up an outreach programme showing young people what life as a technician is like, has written a bit more about his thinking behind the programme - we wish you all the best with it Mike!


Keep up the good work guys and stay safe!


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