Technicians Making the COVID-19 Vaccination Happen - Part 3

With the outbreak of a global pandemic we have seen that to deal with extraordinary times we need extraordinary responses. The UK is participating in the largest vaccination programme ever seen, and technicians from across manufacturing, health science, logistics, healthcare and education are making it happen.

In our series to commemorate World Immunisation Week (24th – 30th April 2021) we’ve highlighted a few of the many technician roles key to the COVID-19 vaccination programme.


Delivering the vaccine


After the vaccine has been produced it has to be transported and stored at the optimum conditions so it can be administered safely and effectively.

For vaccines using messenger RNA, like the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, this can mean having to maintain a cold supply chain at temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius to -70 degrees Celsius which can be challenging in countries with limited refrigeration. The Oxford/ Astrazeneca vaccine is based on a modified Chimpanzee cold virus, and so can be transported and stored at the temperature of the average fridge.

Refrigeration technicians are key to making sure this can happen, using their specialist knowledge of the necessary systems to design, install, and maintain the equipment needed.



The COVID-19 vaccination programme is the largest seen in British history, and as such an incredibly large workforce has been needed to make it happen. Pharmacy technicians have been vital in this effort as they have the right skills and expertise to help distribute, prepare and administer the vaccine.

A career as a pharmacy technician is extremely rewarding. 

Ellen, Vice-President, APTUK 


How can I become a technician?


There are many pathways to becoming a technician involved in logistics or healthcare.

If you’re coming up to 16 you could study A-levels, applied general qualifications, a T-level or do an apprenticeship.

You could then gain more of the skills needed in the workplace with a higher apprenticeship, higher level qualification or experience in the workplace. Check out the stories of technicians below for inspiration:

Can you tell me more about how vaccines are developed?


To learn more about how vaccines are developed, check out this video by Nature magazine



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