Technicians Make Theatre Happen - part 1

Behind every performance on the stage a team of technicians are making the seemingly impossible, possible.

Read on to discover some of the roles available behind the scenes, and how you could launch a career as a technician who makes it happen in theatre.


Step 1: The Foyer


When you step into the foyer of a theatre, with accessible facilities, perfectly placed snack bars – an architectural technician may have played a role in making that happen. In this role, the technician is responsible of making a 3D digital model of architectural designs, using their expert knowledge of material and construction to add details such as which materials should be used or where power points should be so everyone can get the most out of the building.




How can I become an Architectural Technician?


Think this could be the role for you? There are many pathways to becoming an Architectural Technician.

If you’re coming up to 16 you could study T-levels, A-levels, an applied general qualification or do an apprenticeship in Design and Surveying for Construction.

Click on the links below to learn more about possible next steps:

Looking for career inspiration? Visit Aurelia's Story to learn why being an architectural technician role is her dream career.



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