Technicians Make Education Happen

Ah Autumn – that means cosy nights, orange leaves and for many, the return to a classroom. Whether you love school or find it challenging, it’s an undeniable fact that a good education provides opportunities that open doors. And, technicians are key to making that happen!  

Read on to learn a few reasons why… 


Reason 1: Technicians make demonstrations happen 

Technicians are key team members in places of learning – finding equipment, materials, and designing the demonstrations to bring subjects to life!  

Often technicians need to draw upon their expert knowledge, creativity and imagination to design a demonstration that explains a topic in a new, clear, effective and engaging way. 

When the pandemic happened, Andres and his team went the extra mile to perform and film experiments for YouTube so teachers and students could get the most out of remote learning. You can learn more about it in his article for Chemistry World, Lights, Smartphones, Action!

Reason 2: Companions in discovery 

Technicians don’t only use their skills and knowledge to create demonstrations. They also assist students from school to higher study to design and conduct experiments to test scientific hypotheses. Have a theory? Science technicians can help you prove what makes it happen.  


Reason 3: Technicians support  

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, technicians in universities and schools nationwide bandied together to create protective equipment for NHS workers.  

18 months on, they have used their knowledge and expertise to make classrooms safe to return to. Take a look at Phill's story for instance: 

Without the hard work and determination of my fellow technicians we wouldn’t be able to welcome students back into labs to continue their education. 


Hear more from Phill in our article, Technicians Make it Happen on Campus




Want to hear more about awesome technicians in education? Keep an eye out for Technician of the Year Awards run by Times HigherGratnells and the Institute of Physics.  


More importantly, if you spot a technician at the back of a workshop, laboratory or lecture theatre quietly making magic happen, say thank you!  

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